I have written and performed music for almost 30 years, and have always adored the power, depth, intensity and emotional scope of sound.

I began playing music when I was 14, with guitar and an assortment of other instruments; I spent about a year on violin, then, briefly, saxophone. I played drums for a couple of years, before a short spell in a gamelan orchestra… I began singing when I was about 20, and about 6 years ago I got into synth and computer music. Most recently I have been exploring piano and electronic instruments in general.

My music as Composer:

I write and perform all parts of my music – piano, guitars and drum programs. I use real electric, acoustic guitars and basses and genuine, high-quality, virtual instruments elsewhere, including Native Instruments, Cinesamples, SoundIron, 8dio, Embertone, Soniccouture, LA Scoring Strings and Sonokinetic VSTs.

I do not use pre-recorded melodic loops. I do utilise some pre-recorded drum loops, but otherwise compose and play all melodic/percussive parts myself. I feel this brings a true uniqueness, depth and character to my music.

Some composers I admire: Clint Mansell, Michael Nyman, Carter Burwell, Thomas Newman, Hans Zimmer, Daniel Licht, Toru Takemitsu, Mark Isham, Ennio Morricone, Miklos Rozsa, James Newton Howard, Phillip Glass, Vangelis…

My compositions can greatly complement all kinds of media productions – whether feature film, shorts, TV, animation, games or adverts. They will bring a strong, distinctive, mature, passionate and, above all, original quality to your production.

My musical background:


Paaliaq (2011 – present)

In January 2011 I created Paaliaq – my solo music project.

Paaliaq has attracted many fans from around the world. It represents a special outlet for me – unconfined by any genre; simply creating sounds that nourish and engage me, and hopefully others. I began playing more keyboard at this time and introduced much more piano to my recordings; a sound and form of expression that I love.

In terms of dramatic collaborations, I was in touch with film Director Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper, Star Wars Ep 8) for use of dialogue for one of my tracks; I created the symphonic-poem ‘The Journey‘ using the words of Jeeshan Patwari; I created several cinematic, spoken-word music pieces with Idioverse, and I recently worked with the audiobook narrator Peter Yearsly on a new, poetic Paaliaq track.

Visit: www.paaliaq.net

Desoofedoor (2007)

Desoofedoor (2007)

In 2007 I created a one-off experimental album project called Desoofedoor .

Desoofedoor was a one-off project of 12 ambient/electronica pieces. It was written and mixed in 12 days in October 2007 according to several ‘rules’.

Idioverse 1995 - 2009

Idioverse (1995 – 2009)

From 1995 – 2009 I was lead singer and played guitar in the progressive-art-rock band Idioverse.

Idioverse was formed by myself and Jeeshan Patwari. For 14 years we performed around London, with a changing lineup of great musicians, and with many beautiful, live animated visuals, that I created. We were very good at what we did, but very unknown.

Idioverse was an incredibly important part of my life, and I feel it gave me a great understanding of both live music, and progressive ways of creating and shaping sound.

I am currently releasing Idioverse’s back catalogue on Bandcamp, which will eventually be six albums:

Visit: http://idioverse.bandcamp.com


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